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        • Name: Crawler type slide saw
        • Number: MGJ3*60LD
        • Add time: 2015-10-26
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        Crawler type slide saw

             New infrared track Liubian saw, cut off in the middle of the track, at any time convenient to change the specification, do not harm the track, the crawler is durable.



        Feed length(cm


        Feed width(cm


        Feed thickness(cm


        Saw blade motor power(kw


        Feeding speed(m/min


        Feed motor power(kw


        Saw blade specification(mm




        Machine weight(kg





        The above equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

        Equipment performance:

        This multi chip saw is used in the natural wide plank to repair the edge, the specification and so on. The edge trimming, can also be divided specifications. Specifications, fast feeding speed, high precision cropping. Simple structure, stable performance, the increase in the number of sets, saw no shaking, can be more people to operate, feeding faster. Products with feeding smooth, fine processing, do not burn saw blade, high work efficiency, low consumption, environmental protection, safety strong advantages, suitable for dry and wet material processing, is the ideal equipment for all kinds of sheet metal processing and molding. The product is suitable for Chinese fir, pine, eucalyptus, poplar and other soft wood. Is the finger board, joinery board, cabinet board, bed board, the ideal building furniture wooden and other equipment.

        Main features

        1, multi chip sawing, continuous feeding, working efficiency than other devices to increase 5-6 times, and saw the road compared to other machines more thin.

        2, fool type operation, the operation of the workers just need to be responsible for the alignment of the infrared material feeding and feeding, automatic feeding, without the need for professional teachers, pay cost greatly reduced.

        3, multi chip saw cutting process stability, cutting precision, smooth surface, no need to press the machining process, reduce the waste of wood.

        4, a new design, workmanship, materials, solid and durable, stable performance.

        5, the infrared alignment device for auxiliary feeding, the material is more simple.

        6, strong and powerful gear drive feed, three years without failure.

        7, high quality import transmission chain, durable.

        8, multi power supply, strong, stable.

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