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        • Name: Automatic gear grinding machine
        • Number: Automatic gear grinding machine
        • Add time: 2015-06-18
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        Fully automatic grinding machine



        Can be worn saw blade diameter(mm


        Can the disc diameter(mm

        20  22  25.4  30  50  60mm

        Wheel speed


        Total motor power(w


        Gear motor speed

        1-24Teeth / points (Stepless speed change)








        Saw blade grinding, should be submitted by the professional repair wear.

        Automatic grinding machine is also known for the automatic blade grinding machine

        Main purpose and scope of application:

        This machine is mainly used for grinding hard alloy saw blade cutting angle. The use of diamond grinding wheel, grinding can be cemented carbide circular saw blade tooth, tooth, tooth angle, tooth angle etc.. Wide applicability, simple and flexible operation, accurate positioning, saw blade diameter, angle, tooth pitch adjustment is convenient, after the input of the corresponding data automatically processing procedures, the adjusting parts of the data with good performance, can also grinding hard alloy circular saw blade for cutting all kinds of angle.

        This machine can also be worn teeth, helical blade, staggered tooth, trapezoidal tooth, combination tooth carbide circular saw blade. Where the use of hard alloy circular saw blade for wood processing, wood-based panel manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, ship manufacturing, telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry is a must prepare some grinding machine equipment.

        The machine circuit uses the PLC control system, which simplifies the traditional switch button control. Through the man-machine interface set operation, easy to learn, convenient, high reliability, power down data automatic protection, set up convenient and flexible.

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