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        • Name: Manual gear grinding machine
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        • Add time: 2015-06-18
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        Manual grinding machine



        Rated voltage(V)


        Can be worn saw blade diameter (mm)


        Wheel sheet size(mm):


        Wheel adjustment angle

        ±30 degree

        Rated power(kw


        Work form




        Suitable grinding diameter(mm




        Turning wheel angle

        About 45 degrees



        Equipment performance:

        This machine is designed for hard alloy saw blade grinding blade design, adapt to all kinds of grinding of super hard alloy saw blade, equipped with adjustable surround type pallet, maximum boosting the saw blade teeth or other wear parts, with a positioning pin, according to the size of the diameter of the saw tooth, adjust to the best position, and the slide plate can horizontal rotary can ensure saw the original magic blade angle or will change its. The saw board equipped with rotary table, easy to adjust the feed angle of cutter. Rotary table is equipped with a slider, a mandrel, a limit screw and convenient operation, and ensure the grinding to the radius of the center. The head is equipped with +-20 DEG rotary mechanism, can satisfy the grinding oblique edge sawtooth.

        Product use:

        One: This machine is specially designed for the alloy saw blade grinding edge design, suitable for grinding various angles of the alloy saw blade.

        2: equipped with adjustable surround type plate, can maximize the boosting of the sawtooth and other wear parts, prevent beating, improve grinding quality

        Three: equipped with a positioning pin, can be adjusted to the best position, to ensure the consistency of the grinding blade according to the diameter of the saw blade and the saw tooth.

        Four: slide can be horizontal rotation, can accurately adjust to the original angle of the saw, and can be modified by a new angle.

        Five: saw plate equipped with rotary table, easy to adjust the feed angle of blade grinding, rotary table with a slider, shaft core, limit screw and convenient operation.

        Six: suitable for grinding diameter of 80mm~700mm saw blade, equipped with 4 core core (22mm, 20mm, 25.4, 30mm), for the vast majority of saw blade diameter.

        The grinding head can rotate, can satisfy the grinding oblique edge sawtooth

        1, export equipment configuration: grinding machine body 1, diamond grinding wheel 1, cross screw 1, open 12-14 wrench 1, 5mm six angle wrench 4, 1 core (25.4, 40mm, 50mm, 30mm), 4 sets of rubber mats, other accessories!

        2, the domestic money with a piece of grinding wheel

        Operation method

        1, loosen around the plate, adjusting the grinding point of locking

        2, central axis adjustment:

        The small grinding blade, the central shaft is close to the rotary grinding side, and transfer away.

        Push the center axis to the right side.

        Fitted with blades, rotating the handwheel, an initial position of grinding teeth.

        The rotating turret, determine the angle serrated grinding.

        The rotary table, determine the feed angle grinding, general grinding wheel face surface and angle of about 1 degrees.

        3, positioning combination adjustment:

        Will the adjustment of the saw blade best grinding state, rotating and positioning bracket and a positioning plate plate, the position will be slightly adjusted to suitable serrated heel and left grinding gap (self), the screws tightened.

        4, the center of the right to the center axis of the above ground clearance.

        5, check all parts after fixation, should satisfy saw smooth feed grinding,

        Safety precautions

        1, in accordance with the provisions of the grounding voltage, good good good.

        2, the machine must be placed in a dry, no corrosion, solid, horizontal position.

        3, first loosen around the pallets in the adjustment of the grinding point.

        4, starting before all the locking part of the lock.

        5, after the operation of the normal operation can be carried out

        6, grinding work, the machine should cut off the power supply.

        7, without approval to change the machine, may cause adverse consequences.

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